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All of our creams are hand-made using unrefined oils like extra virgin coconut oil, coco butter, shea butter and hempseed oil. Because these creams are so pure you will find a little goes a long way!

We are very pleased to anounce that The Soap Shop has changed it's preservative to something even better! This preservative is created by fermenting coconut with lactobacillus, creating a natural antimicrobial peptide. This is an absolutely revolutionary ingredient, able to preserve creams without toxicity!

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Body Butter Cream
Our body butter is a superior whipped cream containing unrefined shea butter. Creamy and rich with moisture to nourish and replenish the driest of skin. This is our most emollient cream and is for full body.

Body Butter-made from organic oils of almond, grapeseed, 15% unrefined shea butter and lots of soothing aloe vera!

4oz jars - $15.00

8 oz jars - $30.00

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Body Lotion/Skin Therapy
Mountain Skin Therapy is our lightest full body cream. It is a good all around moisturizer that will leave your skin silky soft without leaving a greasy feeling!

Body Lotion-made with organic oils of almond, certified organic extra virgin coconut, unrefined shea butter, hempseed, jojoba oil & aloe vera.

4 oz Jar - $15.00

8 oz Jar - 30.00

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Certified Organic Extra Virgin
Coconut Oil.

Coconut Oil is nature’s food and medicine. It is naturally anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-viral. Coconut oil works wonderfully as an all-over body oil, hair treatment, and is helpful for acne prone skin and other skin conditions. Because coconut oil is stable at high temperatures, you can also cook with it as a healthier alternative to common vegetable oils.

8oz container -  $12.00 each

16oz container -  $20.00 each

Hand Cream
Our hand creams contain unrefined cocoa butter and glycerin. It is a wonderful deep-therapy moisture cream for rough, damaged hands, also great for anywhere needing special treatment.

Hand Cream- made with organic oils of almond, sunflower, hempseed, jojoba, unrefined cocoa butter & aloe vera.

4oz jars - $15.00

8 oz jars - 30.00

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Shea Butter
Imported directly from Ghana, we offer the purest shea butter in its unrefined state. Don't be fooled, "refined" is not better! Refining shea butter is usually done by bleaching and deodorizing it; neutralizing it with lye; and overheating it to very high temperatures and therefore losing the healing properties.
4oz containers - $20.00

6 oz decorative glass containers - $25.00

8 oz containers - $30.00

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