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Hair Care
Our shampoo is free of sodium laurel sulfates making it very gentle and non drying to the hair. The conditioner helps to restores shine, body and texture to the hair and creates luxurious manageability for all day great hair! For those with extremely dry hair try shampooing with only conditioner! Yes, I know it sounds strange but it works!!!

  • Pink Grapefruit

  • Pink Grapefruit

Sea Kelp Spray -  $22.00 each

Our nutrient dense sea kelp spray gives the hair texture and promotes new hair growth by "feeding" the scalp with lots of minerals!


Deep Ocean Hair Cleaner

Mineral rich dead sea salt and sea kelp add beneficial minerals to the hair and scalp. Dead sea salt is a natural way to degrease the scalp without stripping it's natural oils. This cleanser leaves the hair soft, no conditioner is required!

16oz container $25

8oz container $15