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Shaving Essentials
Quality, Durability and Lasting Value
We believe that any ritual you perform 13,000 times in a life deserves your best intention! The Soap Shop takes pride in offering the finest quality traditional shaving and grooming products. Our products are being rediscovered by people who have become dissatisfied with the performance of the gimmick-driven drugstore offerings. Anyone who has experienced a real barbershop shave knows what a quality shave is; the difference is incredible! Lathering up with a pure, rich fragrant lather and using a quality brush is luxurious and satisfying.

Our shaving system is a four step process. First, we prepare the skin using a pre-shave oil to open up your pores, and then you lather up using our creamy shaving soap, shave, and then use an aftershave to moisturize and close the pores, leaving your skin feeling pampered!


Pre-Shave Oil

$12.00 - 4 oz bottle

Pre-shave oil is the first step in shaving; it softens the hair shaft, opens the pores and prepares the skin for a close shave.

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Shaving Soap
Our creamy shaving soap is available in Bay Rum, Hemp, Lavender Mint, Patchouli Mint & Sandalwood. (Shown with bowl).

5oz bars - $6.00 each


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We use lots of aloe vera, witch hazel without the alcohol and seaweed gel to moisturize and soothe the skin after shaving. Available in Bay Rum, Hemp, Lavender Mint, Patchouli Mint & Sandalwood.

4oz bottles - $12.00 each

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Classic Wood Shaving Bowl

Our classic wood shaving bowl is reminiscent of those old-fashioned barber shop shaves. Add a shaving brush and our shaving soap to produce a vigorous lather.

$16.00 each


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Shaving Brush

Our shaving brush is a completely animal friendly nylon bristle brush!

out of stock!

$14.00 each


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